Held to a Higher Standard: Yours.

Thoughtful and consistent advice, because you come first.

LourdMurray provides fee-only investment advice. We don’t charge commissions or performance fees, engage in excessive trades, or push proprietary products.

By law, we are held to a fiduciary standard and must act in the best interest of our clients at all times. This responsibility distinguishes us from brokerage houses, which are merely required to determine a level of suitability rather than uphold the best interests of their clients.

Instead of pitching ever-changing investment products and attempting to predict the future, we work to intimately understand your needs. We identify the purpose of your wealth, and then deliver institutional-grade investment advice tailored to your unique needs.

Our investment team consists of CFA® charterholders, CFP®s, and MBAs with extensive professional experience. From top to bottom, however, everyone at LourdMurray is focused
on you.

Talk to us, get to know our approach, and discover an unparalleled way to help protect and grow what you’ve worked so hard to earn.

To reference LourdMurray’s Form ADV filing with the SEC, please visit this link – LourdMurray Form ADV